CELL PHONE REPAIR..We are experts on iphone screen repair.

Cell City is a repair expert, when your mobile phone breaks, you want an expert to handle the repair. That's when Cell City come in. just because your gadgets play a a big role on your professional, personal and school life.

Cracked Screens

We can replace both screens for iphones, samsungs and androids, we replace both front and back glass panes on your iphone.

Port Repair

Are you having problems with your charge port?  At Cell City we repair and fix your mobile phone port.

Button Repair

We fix and repair power buttons and iphone buttons, If you have probles with the power button, come today to Cell City to fix it.

Spraker Batteries

We repair or replace ypur phones spraker batteries giving you back the good functionally of your phone.

Visit Us Today

If you phone doesn't work as normal, please come today to any of our 2 locations in Las Vegas, NV. The best cell phone repair in Las Vegas, expertise on mobile phone repair & iphone screen repair.